Arranging for Your Wedding

The contact person at Church of the Messiah is the pastors’ secretary, Cortney Reed ( She can answer questions, reserve dates, collect fees and generally assist you with the arrangements. The wedding date is not reserved until the church has received the completed facilities agreement and the non-refundable deposit. Download our wedding registration form. Requests for dates (members and non-members) are honored in the order the paperwork and deposit are received. Please notify the church immediately if plans change. All fees and the marriage license must be to the church office 14 days prior to the wedding.



The pastors' administrative assistant will contact a pastor to check on their ability to officiate. Pastors of Church of the Messiah have responsibility for all worship -- including your wedding. An outside pastor will be invited to assist at the discretion of the officiating pastor. You will be scheduled to meet with the pastor before the wedding to review and customize the marriage service. 

Pastors are willing to officiate at sites other than Church of the Messiah.


Church of the Messiah Organist

The Organist meets with each couple personally in order to assist in selecting music meaningful to them which is also appropriate for Christian worship. Please check with the Administrative Assistant in the church office for contact information.  



The prices listed include building use and honorarium for clergy, organist and wedding coordinator. No accessories or soloist’s fees are included.

  • $575 for members

  • $875 for non-members

A $100 non-refundable deposit required.

Fees for soloists or bell choirs will be provided upon request.

Worship Space Rules

Photographers and videographers will follow the instructions of the pastor.
Flash pictures are allowed as long as they do not interfere with the ceremony. Video cameras may be placed in the balcony or near the front outside aisles of the sanctuary but must be in fixed positions throughout the ceremony. Natural light only may be used during the ceremony.
Bubbles may be used outside, but throwing rice or birdseed is prohibited.

Download our wedding registration form.