A Vision is when you have a vivid image of your future.  At Church of the Messiah, our vision is of a loving and caring community sharing new life in Christ.

A Mission represents the thoughts and actions that move us toward our vision.  At Church of the Messiah, our mission is demonstrating God's love...and transforming our faith into action.

Our Core Values are the attitudes and beliefs that uniquely guide and energize us in our thoughts and actions.  At Church of the Messiah, we have three:

  1. God loves us unconditionally

  2. We live as God's Children

  3. We share God's love


1. God loves us unconditionally

God loves us unconditionally, allowing us the opportunity for a new life in Christ.  We experience God's love and are transformed.

Accepting grace

We accept God's healing and liberating grace, acknowledging that it is not earned, but freely given to all through Christ's sacrificial death.

Choosing the way to new life

We choose to enter into a covenant relationship with God and to become faithful disciples of Christ.  We believe that the living core of the Christian faith is revealed in scripture, illuminated by tradition, enlivened in personal experience and confirmed by reason.

Loving God

We love God with our whole self and every gift we possess.  We love God with our emotions, passions, minds and material belongings.  Our love of God shapes how we think and act in both good and difficult times, and defines where and how we focus our time, money and energy.


2. We live as God's Children

We live out God's love through our God-created identities.  We transform our faith into God's action as caretakers of the world and the many gifts we have been given.  We live a Christ-centered lifestyle of compassion, unconditional love, humility, forgiveness, peace, sacrifice and justice.

Spirit-filled worship

We worship God together - with celebration, music, praise, thankfulness, scripture, and the Holy Spirit - to feed our spirits, restore our souls, strengthen our personal relationship with God and each other, and prepare us to serve others.

Christian formation

We transform into disciples of Christ through a life-long journey of spiritual growth, learning and understanding of our Christian tradition and scripture, questioning and reasoning, and raising our consciousness of social needs and injustices.

Compassionate outreach

We reach out with compassion, unconditional love, and economic, social and political justice.  We serve the physically and spiritually needy, the marginalized, the meek, the hungry and the homeless in our greater community - locally, regionally and globally.

Stewardship lifestyle

We fully experience God's gift of new life in Christ as we shed false pretenses, value holiness and give thanks through good stewardship of all the spiritual, physical, social, financial and intellectual gifts God gives us throughout our lives.

Passionate service

We welcome, teach, nurture and care for each other in our covenant community according to our God-given gifts and passions.

Personal and community prayer

We experience God's presence, discern God's will, and heal, restore, comfort and unite our Christian community through personal and community prayer.

Inclusive fellowship

We welcome all to God's fellowship with radical hospitality regardless of race, culture, age, ability, experience, perspective, or understanding.


3. We share God's love

We are committed to sharing God's love through our relationships.  Demonstrating God's love, we care, get involved, look beyond appearances, and share God's love.

Personal relationships

We share God's love in our personal relationships by being genuine, honest and openly sharing and acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses while still loving unconditionally.

Covenant community

We live as part of a multi-generational community bound by our commitment to God and to each other.  We are grounded in small group relationships that nurture our spiritual growth and supply the love and encouragement - soul hugs - necessary to continue our faith journeys.

Invitational relationships

We actively invite those who are seeking a life of faith to experience God's unconditional love.

Multiplying ministries

We cultivate an environment for identifying spiritual gifts and discerning God's call for each individual.  We enable and empower all to use their spiritual gifts in daily servant leadership and expanding ministries.