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“Since the 1970s, the area in which children roam without adults has decreased by 90%.  Childhood is losing its common outdoor experience.”—Exchange Every Day, 3/20/15.  Times have changed for the way we make places for our children to play outdoors.  Did you get to ride your bike all over the neighborhood?  Remember going outside at dusk in June and catching lightning bugs in used jars to see the sparkle of the light!  The day of letting children play freely in the neighborhood or park is long gone and we now make different kinds of careful arrangements to let our children learn at sports, be supervised in with play dates, accompanied to hike the trail with dad, or swim at the Rec Center.  I think we should just drift in the background (supervise) so the children can still feel the sense of adventure part of the time they go outside.

We are all about to be free for the summer or at the least have more outdoor time in the light.  Ohio residents really know how to appreciate the season.  Think of play time as outdoor time:  one idea is to take some things that are favorite toys or activities outdoors in the shade on the patio.  Like Lego building on a flat surface or side table.  Another idea might be taking a bunch of plastic cups and bowls, funnels and kitchen mixing items to water play.  Set up an easel for painting and let them make 20 pictures… time to paint all they want to without having to mop the kitchen.

Being, just being outdoors improves attention, energy level, and appreciation of all the green plants and live creatures around us; being in play outdoors is different and desirable above many activities we can improvise indoors.  Ourday children will soon be playing in the outdoor area:

Ø  Play different ways in different space

Ø  Learn the unique characteristics of the natural world

Ø  Use different play materials

Ø  Experience more than just equipment

Ø  Learn the seasons and four natural elements

Ø  Hear different sounds

Ø  Breath 25% more oxygen

Ø  Grow plants - we are watching for the bulbs we planted to pop up and bloom

Ø  Be free and explore

I wish all Ourday families a beautiful summer and I will look forward to seeing many of us back together next fall.  Yes, I truly am a person who loves the outdoor world of learning and I hope both parents and kids have great experiences at home and on vacations.


Charity Monroe

Ourday first opened it’s doors in October of 1979. In celebration of our director’s 40 years here, the outdoor classroom has been named after her.

Ourday first opened it’s doors in October of 1979. In celebration of our director’s 40 years here, the outdoor classroom has been named after her.


What's happening

  • August 29th: Parent orientation night

  • Sept. 4th &5th: Meet the Teacher

  • Sept. 6th: First day of school


Welcome new 2019-2020 families!

It’s registration time again!

The pre-enrollment form for the 2019 - 2020 school year is at the bottom of this page. We currently have openings in our Friday 2’s and Almost 3’s classes. Please call for availability of 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s classes.


Ourday Preschool, established in 1979, is dedicated to providing a quality preschool program in a Christian environment and supporting families in the important years of early childhood.

Christian Faith

Ourday Preschool is owned by the Church of the Messiah United Methodist Church and is open to all children in the community. The staff creates a Christian environment. The children say a prayer or blessing before lunch. The children celebrate Christmas and Christian holidays. The Ourday Christmas program includes the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus and Christmas carols. The Ourday staff represents the church in transforming Christian love into action by caring for and teaching children.

Program Information

  • Smaller ratios: Two teachers with only 12 -14 children in each class

  • Education: Teachers with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, participating in continuing education classes.

  • Specialists: Degreed teachers in physical education, music, and art

  • More time to learn, more time for fun.

  • Serving preschoolers ages 2.5 through 5 years old from 9am to 1pm.

Ourday offers preschool classes for children 2.5 to 5 years of age.  Most children come two or three mornings per week.  We have two teachers in every classroom of 10-14 children.  One of the special things about Ourday Preschool is our four hour morning program.  In addition to their classroom experiences, the children have music, gym, and art classes. 

email: phone: 614.882.4416