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Welcome new 2019-2020 families!

Ourday offers preschool classes for children 2.5 to 5 years of age.  Most children come two or three mornings per week.  We have two teachers in every classroom of 10-14 children.  One of the special things about Ourday Preschool is our four hour morning program.  In addition to their classroom experiences, the children have music, gym, and art classes. 


Ourday Preschool, established in 1979, is dedicated to providing a quality preschool program in a Christian environment and supporting families in the important years of early childhood.

Christian Faith

Ourday Preschool is owned by the Church of the Messiah United Methodist Church and is open to all children in the community. The staff creates a Christian environment. The children say a prayer or blessing before lunch. The children celebrate Christmas and Christian holidays. The Ourday Christmas program includes the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus and Christmas carols. The Ourday staff represents the church in transforming Christian love into action by caring for and teaching children.

Program Information

  • Smaller ratios: Two teachers with only 12 -14 children in each class

  • Education: Teachers with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, participating in continuing education classes.

  • Specialists: Degreed teachers in physical education, music, and art

  • More time to learn, more time for fun.

  • Serving preschoolers ages 2.5 through 5 years old from 9am to 1pm.

Director's corner

Dear Parents,

Valentine’s Day, think back, what did you do in your preschool or early elementary class for Valentine’s Day?  This is a fun little celebration that can really brighten up the winter season.  This is a chance to get your own cards or notes from lots of other kids or classmates and maybe it is the very first time!  What a concept: say nice things to others, make a mailbox with your name on the box, have a great little party complete with goodies, and then receive Valentines of your own.  Here is the learning bonus.  Examples:

-  Hear the rhyming verse or song (phonological awareness)

-  Shows awareness of separate words on the cards

-  Identifies the sound for V in Valentine

-  Shows interest in print and its uses

-  Comprehends and responds to text

-  Retells events

-  Demonstrates emergent writing skills (scribbles, marks, and partial letters, letter strings

-  See the Valentine party situation differently (turns, waiting, plans)

-  React to others emotional expression

-  Enjoys party with friends

-  Participates cooperatively

   Ourday Preschool plans a Valentine activity to connect our children with the Uptown, Westerville community.  The idea is for the children to make a large class Valentine or individual cards from the class and go to an Uptown service, (city building, library) or business, (restaurant, store) and share the Valentine while sharing the message that we appreciate all the people working to serve or work in our community.  It is a chance for the children to give a bit of community action to the Uptown that they can understand.   Ourday has received appreciation for sharing our school in this activity.

Today on February 4th we are all getting the gift of sunshine and a warm sun!  

Enjoy, Charity Monroe


What's happening

  • Feb. 4, 5, & 8: School pictures

  • Feb 13 & 14: Parents & Pancakes 8:15- 9am

  • Feb 18 & 19: NO SCHOOL

  • Feb 26 & 27: Columbus Zoo Visit

winter kids.jpg


Please follow the outlined traffic pattern for pick-up. We are following the same route as last year. The only fair way to do this is for EVERYONE to use Cochran Alley and the outlined traffic pattern. See the map below for directions.

Pick-up will be at the WEST NARTHEX door of the church which is just past the main entrance doors to the lower level. Parents will be given ONE rear view mirror tag for their child to be displayed in their vehicle. We will collect these at the end of the year. Additional tags will be available for $3 CASH each. Children will be with a teacher at all times until the adult picking up arrives.

drop off pick up map 3.png