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Beginning a new school experience is a process, rather than only a first day.  This year, we are issuing new pick-up car tags and resolving all the car pools and extended families for pick-up of each child at Ourday.  This system has now been entered into our preschool data base, Pro Care and next year we can issue and begin the school year with the information and permission to begin pick-up when the children have adjusted.

One of the goals we have early in the year, is for the children to enjoy the October trips in the outdoors.  It is important to preserve green space, parks, farms and places where our children can experience the natural world.  For some children the outdoors is their most important intelligence and for all the children the natural world offers space to be active and learning about the science in our environment.  Everyday is an opportunity for parents to be sure their children experience the outdoors.  At Ourday we will be outdoors at Metzger Park and later in the month to Bittersweet Farm where we can learn how plants grow, find pumpkins, and see the little animals that live on the Monroe family farm.

Children come away from farm field trips forever connected to local food and farms.  They make long-lasting and life-changing memories.  Through the hands-on experiences of farm field trips, children explore new ideas, discover their own strengths, and awaken new interests.

 Charity Monroe, Director

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October 10th.

Please follow the outlined traffic pattern for pick-up. We are following the same route as last year. A map will be attached to your pick-up tag, posted to our website, and was included in the drop off email. The only fair way to do this is for EVERYONE to use Cochran Alley and the outlined traffic pattern. See the map below for directions.

Pick-up will be at the WEST NARTHEX door of the church which is just past the main entrance doors to the lower level. Parents will be given ONE rear view mirror tag for their child to be displayed in their vehicle. We will collect these at the end of the year. Additional tags will be available for $3 CASH each. Children will be with a teacher at all times until the adult picking up arrives.

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What's happening

  • Oct. 10th: Drive-up pick-up begins

  • Oct. 12, 15-18th: Bittersweet Farm

  • Oct. 19th: NO SCHOOL

  • Oct. 30th & 31st: Halloween Parade




Welcome new 2018-2019 families!

Ourday offers preschool classes for children 2.5 to 5 years of age.  Most children come two or three mornings per week.  We have two teachers in every classroom of 10-14 children.  One of the special things about Ourday Preschool is our four hour morning program.  In addition to their classroom experiences, the children have music, gym, and art classes. 



Ourday Preschool, established in 1979, is dedicated to providing a quality preschool program in a Christian environment and supporting families in the important years of early childhood.

Christian Faith

Ourday Preschool is owned by the Church of the Messiah United Methodist Church and is open to all children in the community. The staff creates a Christian environment. The children say a prayer or blessing before lunch. The children celebrate Christmas and Christian holidays. The Ourday Christmas program includes the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus and Christmas carols. The Ourday staff represents the church in transforming Christian love into action by caring for and teaching children.

Program Information

  • Smaller ratios: Two teachers with only 12 -14 children in each class

  • Education: Teachers with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, participating in continuing education classes.

  • Specialists: Degreed teachers in physical education, music, and art

  • More time to learn, more time for fun.

  • Serving preschoolers ages 2.5 through 5 years old from 9am to 1pm.


The Ourday Board is pleased to announce that Debbie Nofziger has been appointed as Assistant Director.  Mrs. Nofziger teaches a Monday, Wednesday, Friday four year old class.  She has also been working administratively on Tuesdays and Thursdays for several years on registration, parent communication, and scheduling.  Many of you know her from your enrollment tours.  Debbie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University in elementary education and a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University in early and middle childhood education.  She taught elementary school in Worthington, and has been at Ourday for fifteen years.

The Ourday Board and Director, Charity Monroe, want to provide a professional plan for Ourday leadership.  As the founder of our preschool, Charity will celebrate her 40th year at Ourday next year!  Charity plans to remain as Director for the 2018-2019 school year, with Debbie as her assistant.  Charity and Debbie, together, will continue to plan for the future of Ourday and for Charity’s eventual retirement.

Resources and Forms

email:           phone: 614.882.4416          fax: 614.882.2161