Director's corner

What I notice most this spring is that winter is never ending.  Those of us who live in Ohio are next to Lake Erie and Canada on the North; therefore we are super ready for every activity that comes with warm weather.  We talk too much about the weather, but we are motivated to be outside.

Being, just being outdoors, improves attention, energy level, and appreciation of all the green plants and live creatures around us; being in play outdoors is different and desirable above many activities we can improvise indoors.  Ourday has our education area in the back behind the church (the space is very close to the size of the church gymnasium).  It is planned to give a gift of new learning to Ourday children by planning the outdoor area to:

Ø  Play different ways in different space (take indoor blocks outdoors)

Ø  Learn the unique characteristics of the natural world

Ø  Use different play materials

Ø  Experience more than just equipment; weather, grass, mulch, sand, water

Ø  Learn the seasons and four natural elements

Ø  Hear different sounds

Ø  Breath 25% more oxygen

Ø  Grow plants - we are watching for the bulbs we planted to pop up and bloom

Ø  Be free and explore

I noticed today how much bigger Ourday kids have grown; so many will move on in the fall to kindergarten.  It is just the nature of the cycle of the children in preschool to make huge changes during the school year because they are in a period of fast growth and fast development.  I am so happy to have been with the families and the children at Ourday as the work together has given a lot of learning and progress to the children.  

Remember to get outside as much as you can with the whole family.  Dinner is tasty and there is less clean-up on the patio or deck….yum, think of all the fresh vegetables and fruits to add to meals.  Take a picnic and go down to the reservoir or one of the Metro parks.  Many days can seem like vacation.  Try camping or renting a cabin where life is simple and most fun is in the sun and water.  These good times go more quickly than two months of 40 degree rain so it is up to us to make the most of summer.  Soon it will be time that the 3’s will return to Ourday again and we can start the journey together again.

Best wishes to those families who go on to elementary and to those we will see again at Ourday.

Charity Monroe, Director

What's happening

  • May 2nd & 3rd: Camp Sugarbush
  • May 4th: Last day of drive up pick up
  • May 16th: Last day of school  
  • June 25th-29th: Vacation Bible School




Welcome new 2018-2019 families!

Ourday offers preschool classes for children 2.5 to 5 years of age.  Most children come two or three mornings per week.  We have two teachers in every classroom of 10-14 children.  One of the special things about Ourday Preschool is our four hour morning program.  In addition to their classroom experiences, the children have music, gym, and art classes. 



Ourday Preschool, established in 1979, is dedicated to providing a quality preschool program in a Christian environment and supporting families in the important years of early childhood.

Christian Faith

Ourday Preschool is owned by the Church of the Messiah United Methodist Church and is open to all children in the community. The staff creates a Christian environment. The children say a prayer or blessing before lunch. The children celebrate Christmas and Christian holidays. The Ourday Christmas program includes the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus and Christmas carols. The Ourday staff represents the church in transforming Christian love into action by caring for and teaching children.

Program Information

  • Smaller ratios:  Two teachers with only 12 -14 children in each class
  • Education: Teachers with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, participating in continuing education classes.
  • Specialists: Degreed teachers in physical education, music, and art
  • More time to learn, more time for fun.
  • Serving preschoolers ages 2.5 through 5 years old from 9am to 1pm.

Resources and Forms

email:           phone: 614.882.4416          fax: 614.882.2161