Messiah's Pipe Organ

The organ was built in 1958 by the Schantz Organ Company as a three manual and pedal, 22 rank instrument.  Over the years a few additions have been made, to include a Festival Trumpet rank (1980), a four manual console by Bunn=Minnick (1996) and a zimblestern (2012). The current instrument is four manuals and 23 ranks with plans and console preparations for 20 additional ranks. An organ fund has been in place to plan for the much needed releathering of the chests and the tonal improvements of the organ.


Great (Manual 2)

16' Contra Violone

8' Principal

8' Violone (ext)

4' Octave

III Mixture

8' Hautbois (SW)


Swell (Manual 3, expressive)

16' Bourdon Doux

8' Flute a Cheminee (ext)

8' Gambe

8' Gambe Celeste

4' Prestant

4' Flute Harmonique (ext)

2' Flute a Bec

II Sesquialtera 

16' Basson

8' Trompette

4' Clarion (ext)


Choir (Manual 1, expressive)

8' Melodia

8' Quintaton

8' Dulciana

8' Unda Maris

4' Open Flute (ext)


Positiv (Manual 1, expressive with Choir)

16' Quintaton

8' Nason Flote

4' Koppel Flote

2 2/3' Nasat

2' Block Flote



Solo (Manual 4)

16' Festival Trumpet

8' Festival Trumpet (ext)

4' Festival Trumpet (ext)



32' Lieblich Gedeckt (resultant)

16' Diapason

16' Subbass

16' Quintaton (CH)

16' Bourdon Doux (SW)

8' Principal (ext)

8' Bass Flute (ext)

8' Bourdon (SW)

4' Choral Bass (ext)

32' Contre Bombarde (digital)

16' Contra Trumpet (Solo)

16' Basson (SW)

8' Trumpet (Solo)

8' Hautbois (SW)

4' Clarion (Solo)

The church is also fortunate to have a 9' Baldwin concert grand piano in the sanctuary as well as a 7' Mason & Hamlin semi-concert grand in McVay Hall and a Rodgers electronic organ in the chapel. Various other upright pianos serve throughout the church building.