YWCA Family Center

The YWCA Family Center provides emergency shelter and critical services to stabilize homeless families in central Ohio. A national model, more than 70% of our families find housing within 25 days of entering the program. To assist our families with rapid re-housing, a breadth of services are offered under one roof including meals, lodging, transportation assistance, job counseling, government benefits registering, childcare.

To assist families with rapid re-housing, a breadth of services are offered under one roof:

Direct Family Assistance

Families receive healthy meals, warm beds, basic need items, and transportation assistance during their stay.
Family Advocate

Each family is assigned a family advocate who assists with housing, job counseling and services for children. Parents receive an education in economic development to increase their standard of living.
Ohio Benefit Bank Site
One of the first things parents do on site at the Family Center is register for government benefits such as: food stamps, social security benefits, Medicaid/medicare.
Parents spend their days searching for jobs and housing knowing their children are in award-winning childcare programs. Because of our partner, Project Connect, and our value on learning for life, students are bussed to their school of origin during their Family Center stay.

In 2011, of our 914 families and 1,763 children served:

  • 50% of children were below the age of 5
  • 3 was the average family size
  • 59% of parents were 18-30 years old
  • 62% of families never used services before
  • 78% of adults were females
  • 69% of adults were African American
  • $6,144 was the average annual income of families

Messiah members provide and serve a quarterly dinner at the YWCA Family Center. The dinner typically consists of chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit, rolls and brownies. A Messiah family underwrites the main portion of the dinner and we depend on our volunteers to provide fruit, dinner rolls and brownies. Food preparers should arrive at the Family Center by 4:00pm and servers should arrive by 5:30pm. There are two dinner times (6pm and 7pm) followed by clean-up (finished by 8:15pm).

Contact Mickey Cox for volunteer opportunities.

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