Tesoros de Dios - God's Treasures

Located in the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Tesoros de Dios - God’s Treasures is a refuge in the midst of incredible poverty for children with disabilities and their families in Managua, Nicaragua. In Managua alone, more than 6,000 children have developmental disabilities.  The facility provides education and therapy for 130 children with a wide variety of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, autism, and brain damage. Most children come from low-income families, many living in very poor conditions that are not conducive to their state of health. These children rarely have opportunity to go to school, and services are limited for them.

The seeds for this ministry were planted back in 2005. While on a continuing education trip that year, Rev. Jim Wilson discovered a grass hut that was being used as a therapy center for children with special needs. Sitting in a prayer room with the hut’s owner, Lorena Martica, Rev. Wilson shared the story of his severely handicapped 15 year old son, Bradley. Lorena shared her life of brokenness before giving her life to Jesus. She told Rev. Wilson, “It’s not a matter of why children are handicapped, but what comes from the handicapping condition.” These words gave birth to a dream of building Bradley’s House.

Rev. Wilson returned to the States with a vision to construct a facility that would be equipped to offer therapy for the handicap children in Nicaragua. With the help of 400 families from more than 20 different states, the grass hut with a leaking roof was replaced with a 3600 square feet facility that was commissioned in December 2005, complete with utilities and a horse stable.

Today the ministry within Bradley’s House is administered by Tesoros de Dios, translated as "God's Treasures". God's Treasures provides transportation to the facility, physical therapy, equestrian therapy, special education classes, English language classes for the parents, Bible studies, and social support for 130 children and their families. All these services are provided free of charge because of the generosity of its supporters. The ministry also performs community outreach to schools and churches to educate others on administering care to special needs children. Its vision is to help these children reach their full potential.

In early 2011, Messiah began sending annual mission teams to Nicaragua in support of Bradley's House and God’s Treasures. We have supported campaigns to help the ministry grow through purchase of land, purchase of Caroline’s House next to Bradley’s House, and construction of a fully covered horse arena for equine therapy. The relationship with this ministry has been a real blessing, and Messiah looks forward to continuing to support it.