Messiah and Community Singles, MACS, is a support, social and fellowship ministry group of Church of the Messiah. It is open to all singles in the community whether never married, widowed, divorced or separated. MACS consists of a group of men and women who enjoy getting together and exploring many of the things there are to see and do in the area. Our primary purpose is to provide singles with positive fellowship and interaction with other singles within the Christian faith. We want to grow as people and have fun together!

In the past we have gone to Hocking Hills, to baseball and football games, to concerts, plays and movies, to various restaurants and much, much more! In addition we have enjoyed potlucks, parties and “Movie Nights” in each others’ homes as well as working together on service projects. In short, if we can think of it – we plan to do it!

We try to plan about one activity each week, year-round, and send emails when necessary and calendars that reflect a four month plan (subject to change) to keep everyone informed about what we are doing. We are always happy to welcome new visitors or members to our group!

Singles, like all others, have the need to be accepted for who they are, what they are, and where they are. They need to experience love and to learn and grow as people.  We believe that single adults can do this better together than alone, and MACS has been formed for that purpose.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our email information list, please contact any of the planning committee members: Deb Donaugh at, Susie Hoff at, or Gail Paulus at