Bethlehem on Broad Street

Bethlehem on Broad Street, an interfaith celebration of many churches, takes place in downtown Columbus each year on two days: the Sunday before Christmas from 1-6 p.m. at the Broad Street United Methodist Church where clothing and food will be distributed, and on Dec. 25, Christmas Day, at First Congregational Church where Christmas dinner will be served and gifts distributed. Watch for the stable in the church lounge where you may bring items and get information about how to volunteer.

Each year we increase our goal. We have filled more than 500 bags of groceries for those who are in need. Some of the items needed are: dry milk, cereal, rice, macaroni and cheese dinners, canned meats or tuna, meals in a can (hash, stew, pasta), spaghetti and sauce, 16-ounce cans of fruits and vegetables, soup, pork and beans, peanut butter, wrapped bars of soap, toilet paper, tooth paste, shampoo, feminine hygiene supplies, disposable razors, infant formula, infant cereal, baby food, and disposable diapers.

Warm clothing is also needed. Clean out your closets and find those warm items that you no longer need and give them to someone who can use them. They need new underwear, socks, knit hats and scarves for men, women, and children of all ages. Volunteers can help in many ways to make both of these days a success. This is a great opportunity for families, Sunday School classes, or any group.

For more information, contact Wade Hicks.