H.U.G.S. is Messiah’s fellowship group for widows.  While not a grief support group, the ladies do support each other through monthly outings, lunches, service projects and day trips.  They’ve also compiled a vetted list of handymen.  If you’d like to join this group please call Pastor Linda at 614-882-2167, ext. 108 or Carolyn Hannick at 614-891-9138.  Limited scholarships are available for most events through Pastor Linda.  The following schedule lists upcoming events, some of which may be tentative.  All fees are non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled or your ticket is sold to someone else.

Messiah’s tickets for all events are sold, but the Otterbein box office has a few tickets remaining for each play. For information or questions call Carolyn Hannick at 614-891-9138.

7/29   Big Band Concert at Alum Creek.   6:30-8:30 Pot luck at Zacchaeus House              

            at 5:00.

8/5     Johnny Steiner Concert at Otterbein.  Dinner TBA

8/9     HUGS Lunch TBA


*Tentative       Click here for a signup sheet.