Senior Pastor’s Bible Study

A weekly Bible Study on various books of the Bible. The class includes insight and group discussion that helps persons grow in knowledge of the Bible. This class is offered on Thursday mornings at 9:30 and on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Leader: Jim Wilson.

Below are parts one and two of Pastor's Jim's Bible Study entitled "Nouns: Faith Lessons Through People, Places, and Things." For this study, he has created videos to work along side the weekly meetings.




Adult Christian Education

A variety of learning opportunities are offered to adults in the community to prepare, explore, discern, and practice what God calls each to be and do in the name of Jesus. These classes allow participants to develop a deeper understanding of self and the nature of God, as well as develop trusting relationships with others in the community. Classes are organized around three main topics — Bible/Theology, Spiritual Disciplines, and Practical Applications — and also include core classes.

Bible/Theology classes provide the study of God and God’s relationship to the world. In these classes, participants develop a greater understanding of the character and nature of God. Examples of these classes include studies of books of the Bible, topical studies, etc.

Spiritual Discipline classes explore the study of practices that are a means of receiving God’s grace. Participants may learn about the history and practice of the disciplines, as well as participate in practicing the related discipline(s). Examples of these classes include an overview of/introduction to spiritual disciplines, prayer, Sabbath, etc.

Practical Application classes provide the opportunity to learn how to make different choices in our day to day lives, choices that reflect Christian living. Examples of these classes include money management, parenting, marriage, boundaries/relationships, retirement, etc.

Topical Bible Studies

Topical Bible Studies are also a part of our Discipleship plan at the church. Email Pastor Kathy to hear about the current topic being studied at  Small groups meet at a variety of times throughout the week - there are many ministries/small groups to help you grow in faith.  Some of us are engaged from home, and some are a part of the group that meets at church.  Our schedule varies, so check with the church office. If you find a topic of interest and would like to get a small group of others to discuss it with you, Pastor Kathy can help you with that, too.